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Dogs are wonderful pets. They can make us happy, comfort us, and be our friends. And each dog is special; each has their own personality, characteristics, and funny habits that make us fall in love with them. Some dogs are more energetic, fun-loving, and friendly than others. They enjoy the company of other dogs and people. Today, we bring you an example of such a dog. Wallace is a corgi with a heart-shaped nose. And he enjoys giving hugs to every dog he comes across.

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The heart on his nose and love in his heart

Wallace is not just any corgi. He has a unique trait that makes him different from other dogs. It is a nose shaped like a heart. His nose makes him more adorable and adds to his loving personality. Wallace’s specialty is that he is a very loving dog who likes to hug other dogs. He does not care about their size, breed, or behavior. He just wants to share love and joy wherever he goes.

Wallace’s breed, corgi

Who are corgis? These small dogs were first found in Wales. They are famous for herding. You can recognize them by their long bodies, short legs, and stand-up ears. Two kinds of Corgis exist: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Wallace is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These are more common out there and have a shorter tail than the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Corgis are smart, faithful, and lively dogs. So they can become awesome pets and friends for humans. They are also very flexible, and they can live in various places.

Wallace’s mission

What is Wallace living at? This adorable dog lives in Los Angeles with his owner, Noah Raminick. Noah adopted him from a shelter when he was just a little puppy. Wallace enjoys taking walks with Noah and making new friends on their journeys. Whenever he spots another dog, he pauses and asks Noah if he can hug them. He puts his front legs around their necks and lays his head on their shoulders. He does this with every dog he comes across, and he does not mind how they react. Some dogs get surprised, some get confused, some get irritated, but most are pleased to get a hug from Wallace.

The importance of socialization in dogs

We can socialize dogs when we introduce them to different kinds of people, animals, places, and situations while young. Doing this, we help them build self-assurance, trust, and good feelings about their surroundings. These activities are important for a dog’s mental and physical well-being. Why? It stops them from becoming scared, anxious, aggressive, or having other behavior issues as they grow older. Wallace is an excellent example of a socialized dog. He is friendly, outgoing, and interested in everything.

How does Wallace interact with other dogs?

Wallace has met many dogs on his walks. Some of them are his familiar faces. They know him well and curiously wait for his hugs. Some of them are new friends. They become interested in his heart-shaped nose and his hugging habit.

Meanwhile, some of them Wallace meets are timid or anxious. Wallace needs to give these dogs a little boost to come out of their shell. And some of the other dogs are active or full of energy. They want to play or wrestle with Wallace after getting his hug. Wallace adapts to each dog’s character and mood and tries to give them a relaxing feeling and make them happy.

Wallace’s way

Wallace does not get scared when he meets big dogs. He will go up to them, stand on his back legs, and give them the best hug he can. Wallace has a best buddy, too. Her name is Daisy. She is a Great Dane. But it is not important to Wallace. Raminick says that they always hug when they meet. One of her paws is as heavy as Wallace’s whole body. 

When Wallace meets smaller dogs, he gives them a soft welcome to ensure he does not scare his new friend. Wallace will not hug until he smells whether the other dog is comfortable with it. Raminick said that he finds it fascinating that Wallace’s hugging is that he was not taught to do that. Raminick thinks it was because he was really thrilled about playing with another dog.

Wallace is a friend to all.

Wallace does not just hug dogs. He also gives kisses to humans. He is friendly and outgoing with everybody he meets and does not fear strangers. Wallace makes sure to share his love when he is with his human family as well. Raminick says Wallace’s favorite things are cuddling in the morning and evening, playing fetch, and chasing Wallace around the house. Raminick doesn’t think Wallace dislikes anything. Wallace is a friend to everyone who values his warmth and kindness.

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