Understanding Your Dog’s Needs: Signs They Require More Attention

As responsible dog owners, we want to make sure our furry companions are happy, healthy, and getting enough of our care. But how do we determine the amount of attention dogs really need? The answer is different for everyone because it depends on breed, age, and personality. Still, some signs can show us that our dog might want more attention from us.

Here, we will discuss why giving your dog the right amount of attention is essential and share ways to ensure they get the necessary time and play. Moreover, we will also talk about signs your dog shows when it needs more attention and ways to help if they need more.

Understanding The Social Needs of Your Dog

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Let us see how different dog types vary in social needs, how socialization affects seeking attention, and how motivation is vital for their well-being.

Dog Varieties and Their Social Needs

It is important to note that social needs vary in different dog breeds. For instance, some species, like Grey Hound and Chow Chow, are happy to be alone for more time, while others, like Australian Shepherds and Labradors, need attention. You must be very thoughtful about whether your dog receives the correct amount of attention and stimulation. 

Dogs Are Social Animals And Seek Attention.

Dogs need attention and friendship because they are social animals. They interact not only with us but with other dogs, too. Giving your dog ample socialization and time will keep them happy and healthy.

What is the amount of attention puppies need?

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You may know puppies need more attention than adult dogs during the first few weeks since they have not opened their eyes. It is a requirement to supervise them for most of the time. From 3 weeks to 6 months, they should be given sufficient time for socialization, obedience training, and mental stimulation by engaging in play activities. Do you believe puppies sleep about 18 to 20 hours daily?

Puppies interact for at least three to four hours with the family members of the house. They may not get bored if there are other pets or siblings. Otherwise, they tend to behave like barking and chewing objects.

How much affection do they need?

Usually, dogs sleep around 12 to 14 hours a day. When the dogs are awake, they need a social bond with their human friends. The affection of dog owners should fulfill this social need. We must engage with our furry friends by playing games, walking, or cuddling them on the couch.

Signs Your Dog Needs More Attention

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It is vital to identify the signs they indicate when feeling neglected to ensure that our doggies are happy and healthy. Take a look at the following symptoms:

When your dog is more affectionate than usual, it wants more time to spend with you.

  • Barking more frequently
  • Showing destructive behavior
  • Decrease in appetite

In addition, study the amount of time your dog spends alone each day. Do you know that there is a general rule that a dog should not kept alone for more than 8 hours a day? Therefore, observe their behavior and make necessary adjustments.

How much interaction does a dog need per day?

Dogs need at least two hours of quality social interaction time daily, including playing, exercising, training, feeding, and socialization. This will contribute to their physical health and well-being. 

Strategies to meet your Dog’s attention

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It is essential to offer mental stimulation, playtime, and alone time to ensure your dog is content.

Enrichment Activities

These activities range from toys to treat puzzles and DIY games, which will mentally stimulate your dog. These will help reduce boredom and destructive behavior. Moreover, you can try out hiding treats around the house and encourage him to find them. It will be an excellent way to use his sense of smell and entertain them.

Mental Stimulation

Providing mental stimulation, such as training exercises, helps develop your dog’s brain activities

  • keeping his mind active
  • Teach your dog new tricks using techniques
  • Play hide-and-seek game
  • Set up a course with many difficulties, such as hurdles


Having fun with your dog is really important. It helps them use up energy, move around, and get closer to you. Playing together can make your dog feel less worried and tense. Think about using toys like Frisbees and balls.  

Hiring a Dog Sitter or Doggy Daycare

When you do not have enough time to spend with your dog, think about hiring someone to look after them or taking them to a place where dogs can play during the period.  

Alone Time

Giving your dog time to be alone is really important, too. It stops them from feeling too worried when you are not around and lets them relax.

Make sure your dog has a cozy, safe place where they can go when they want to be alone, 

Leave toys and puzzles for your dog to play with.

To help him become an independent dog, slowly increase his alone time.

Introducing these tactics ensures your dog feels happy and content when you are not there. Remember to mix up different activities like playing, thinking games, alone time, and other fun stuff to keep your dog engaged.

How to Tackle the Separation Anxiety?

You must help your dog when they feel agitated when you are away. If your dog gets upset, like whining or breaking things, they might have separation anxiety when you leave.

There are several ways to reduce your dog’s separation anxiety. Slowly let your dog spend more time alone. Give them toys to keep their mind and body busy before you leave. Consult an expert like a dog behaviorist or a trainer for advice if your dog’s anxiety does not get better.

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