They Know When To Howl! – Find Out The Reasons Why Dogs Howl.

As with any other animal species, dogs have their way of communication. The tones of barking and howling have distinguished meanings. So, this is all about why they howl!

Howling is how the dogs vocalize themselves. It is a prolonged, mournful sound. And it is considered very natural. The reasons for this howling vary. The triggers and the motivations for this change vary among the individual dogs. They often howl in response to the human howling for a few reasons. Here are some explanations about it. 

A Howling Dog

Image credit: Žaneta Mišutová

Howling is a way of communication. When humans howl, the dogs mainly interpret the same sound. They take it as an effort to convey a message or express a feeling. Many dogs follow the same process. In response to the howling of one dog, the other dogs nearby follow the same pattern to continue the dialogue. It indicates active involvement. They try to show that they are a part of the conversation. The research says that it acts as a way to build up a deep connection between the humans and the dogs. 

Howling is also known as a unique way of social bonding. It is ok to howl with your dog. Also, it is more like a special secret language between the master and the dog. When both the partners howl together, it is not just making a deep sound but also becoming more bonded or closer. Though we now have dogs as domestic animals, their origin is being a pack animal. So, the howling has a more significant relationship with the pack traditions. It is like singing together as a pack. It creates a stronger sense of togetherness and makes the bond between each other tighter. If your dog licks you when you howl, you are on the right note, and he accepts your tone. The reaction would be the opposite or much different if the dog freaks out or your style needs to be taken. However, it is still a form of social bonding between the owner and the dog. 

Howling is also a result of the pack instinct of the domesticated dogs. They are ultimate team players and see their human family as the pack. When you start howling, it is like sending a signal to the other group members. So, they will continue the same tone when they hear the howling. It is like saying we are all together and all members of the same pack. The howling is also a way of expressing togetherness and the feeling of strength and belongingness as a pack. It could also be related to the surface of cheering a sports team in for victory. It strengthens unity and makes the members feel more connected to the team. So, this practice is the same. Although the howling is connected to pack behavior, it is more related to domestic dogs for slightly different reasons. Your dog will howl to let you know where they are. Similarly, the wolves and the pack dogs use howling to indicate the location to the other pack members. 

Dog tilting his head and mocking

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Also, howling can be considered a way of imitating or mocking. Dogs are great at imitating or copying; they often mimic what their masters do. So when they hear the human howling, they immediately imitate it. The same may happen when they hear loud music, too. It is the same as mimicking your favorite singer. The dogs might only sometimes understand why the humans howl. But they surely want to join the fun. They see it as a beautiful way of entertainment, and it adds some playful bonding elements to your relationship. We humans find these high-pitched sounds entertaining, too. The puppies practice howling mixed with the barking sounds, making it more fun. 

Howling is also a way of attention seeking. The dogs love it when the master pays attention to them. 

Their howling naturally makes us laugh and talk to them or play. It keeps us engaged with the dogs. So many dogs intentionally howl to grab the attention of the masters. But it is essential to note that all god breeds do not howl to gain attention. They have their different reasons. 

Generally, it is harmless and fun. Also, it is entertaining for both the pet and the dog owner. We should understand the situation and adequately encourage excessive howling, which might greatly disturb the neighborhood. The reasons for the dogs to howl are different. It may be because of another dog, a warning to avoid danger, or a howl back to keep company. The dog owners should know to separate the tones from anxiety. If you think the howling is abnormal, do not hesitate to contact professional help for guidance and to manage the situation. 

A Dog Howling in a beach

Image credit: Jordi Clapera Parés

Some things the dogs howl because they hurt their ears. But there are no such records. It is only an instinctual way to vocalize, self-express, and interact with one another to build a bond. Sometimes, the high-pitched noises and sirens or music cause distress to dogs. So, they start howling. But if the howl is excessive, it is because they are distressed. So, the dog owners need to investigate the situation. 

Howling is a perfectly normal behavior of the dogs. The way they do it differs, and they have their tones and communication patterns. Anyhow, they know how and when to do it. 

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