The Secret Behind Why Dogs Love Being Pet | In The Point of View Of A Veterinary Technician

Do you think that dogs like being petted?

Have you wondered whether your dog likes being petted? Do dogs enjoy the moment you are giving your dog a good scratch?

Like us, our pets prefer showing and receiving their love and affection. As sentient beings, humans and dogs naturally desire to form secure and affectionate bonds with those they care about the most.

If you are fortunate to be a pet owner, be assured that your dog keep you happy after a tender moment of petting!

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According to scientists, the oxytocin hormone, commonly known as “the love hormone,” will be released when you pet your dog. These cheerful, pleasant, and beneficial experiences that the dogs encounter when they receive a gentle, physical touch from us, as it positively activates their sense of touch. 

Moreover, it has been proved that dogs enjoy being petted since they can naturally identify the affectionate touch, expected attention, and calming influence. 

When you bring a new dog into your home, you want to make him feel bonded to you, which makes them feel safe. You only want to make him happy and give him a relaxed feeling to ensure trust. To start that bond, the best and the most natural way is to show your love by petting him!

According to Pet Experts, it has been found that when they pet their patients, both parties favor it. Do you ever know that humans and canines could use a minor oxytocin boost in their lives? For a long-lasting true friendship, we expect them to keep alive, and petting would be a peaceful greeting, which is invaluable.

Can we pet every dog? No! 

Especially in a veterinary setting, they are unsure and uncomfortable. When nervous, they behave differently, and we should show care and effort to make the initial approach before petting. It is true that dogs like being petted, but we should know that they have their terms.

Before Petting a Dog…

Just imagine you see a beautiful doggy on a beautiful day when you are on a walk. Without thinking twice, you want to give him a nice scratch.

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You may indeed be excited when seeing this beautiful dog. But before moving forward, we should take a few considerations. 

Firstly, the most important thing is to get permission from the owner before trying to interact with their dog. If the response is not favorable, try not to feel disheartened; everyone has moments when socializing is not a priority.

Secondly, you must understand that a significant portion of canine communication is non-verbal.

Following that, it is necessary to know the surroundings: is the environment comfortable for the dog? Even if given permission, evaluating the dog’s body language is essential. 

Are they relaxed? 

Is their tail wagging happily and held high? 

Do they have an open, calm mouth? 

Are their ears in a neutral position? 

Is their fur lying nicely on their body?

We must address all these considerations before approaching a new furry friend. If these physical things are positive, then it is time to proceed with him.

If a dog looks tense, has their ears back, raised fur, wide eyes, or stares intensely, they might not want to be touched by a stranger. Dogs, like people, sometimes need their freedom.

Usually, dogs are eager to socialize. Dogs who want to be friends with you might make a playful bow or lean in for a pet. You feel special when a dog asks you for attention! 

Approaching a new dog means making sure you are not scared. It is better to come from the side rather than straight at them, as that can be frightening for a dog.

When you approach the dog, it is advisable to recheck its body language. If the response is positive, let the dog initiate the first touch by allowing him to sniff as many times as he pleases. Once you realize the body language is positive and you can start petting him, give him the lovely scratches he deserves! Indeed, he will be amused by this.

Where do they prefer to be touched?

To figure out this, you should start with safe places. Even though there are various spots to pet a dog, the Vets have found that the chest, shoulders, and base of the neck are the best spots to get your scratch. 

When petting a dog, if he shows his belly to you, he is a comfortable and confident dog. He may guide you towards the parts of their body that require good petting. You should also decide where to place your hands. 

Most dogs do not want their mouth, the top of their head, or the base of their tail to be touched, making them uncomfortable. So we should keep away from doing this.

Always start with a gentle approach, the ways the dog prefers to be petted. Some love firm pats, and many dogs love light strokes. Dogs can express their love by placing a paw on your body, leaning, cuddling, and even giving kisses!

Is your dog happy when petting?

Undoubtedly, dogs like to be petted. We can build a good relationship with them through petting. It is fascinating, isn’t it?

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Do not think that petting alone can make them happy. We should reassure them that we love them. Dogs spend their whole lives waiting for us, missing us when we are gone, and wanting to please us.  

Indeed, a loved dog is a happy dog. 

So, why don’t you go home and pet your dog and make him happy?

Take care of that tiny precious seed, which will grow into an invaluable friendship later. You’ll appreciate it undoubtedly. Consider this: it all began with just one wonderful pet.

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