The Best Babysitters! It Is More About Protection And Understanding Why Dogs Love Babies.

The bond between the dogs and babies is mighty indeed. It is mythical and more magical than the bond between the adults and the dogs. The children and the animals close very soon, and the bond is powerful. There are some psychological reasons why the relationship between dogs and babies is so strong. Let’s find out more about it. 

Here are some reasons why the dogs are so gentle with the babies. Also, we have mentioned some essential things to remember when dealing with dogs closer to babies. 

As we know, dogs are one of the gentlest animal species. And they are very loyal as well as very protective. They are very soft with the vulnerable family members, especially the babies. The protective nature of the dogs comes from their pack animal origin. Most dogs naturally get the instinct of the baby as a puppy. And they know that babies are prone to danger and highly vulnerable. And they think this tiny member is a part of their pack. Also, the surprising fact is that the dogs observe very gently how the family members handle a baby. And they mirror the behavior. The dogs quickly identify the baby’s gentle cues and body language. 

baby crawling near long-coated brown dog near door

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Most of the pet dogs that fall into the category of family dogs are gentle with the babies. And some are gentler than the other breeds. Some species of dogs are called nature’s babysitters because of their delicate nature. The Newfoundlands are one such species that are clamorous and nonaggressive. Pit bulls, also called nanny dogs, know how to keep their babies safe. Retrievers like Golden and Labradors are famous for being trainable. Friendly and tolerant dogs. They are very soft-mouthed and gentle. So, they interact very well with the dogs.

The dogs show their endless love for the babies in many ways. Especially when the babies are newly born, the doggies are overwhelmed with love and affection. They will hover around, wag their tails, try to lick them, and keep smiling at the baby. You will see how much they love the baby by looking at their facial expressions. The dogs, at times, are overprotective. They may guard the babies all along and sometimes become aggressive to the perceived threats. Most dogs are on alert when the babies wake up and cry.

It is said that the digs sense the baby even before he is born. The dogs have this unique ability to sense the pregnant woman. It even can feel and pick the baby’s movements in the womb. So, the dogs are often gentle with the expectant mother as well. 

Even though the dogs seem protective and caring, the parent must be on the watch when the baby is with the pet. Constant supervision is very much needed for the safety of the child. There are instances in which dogs have hurt the babies for various reasons. The babies can sometimes be loud and not gentle, distracting the dogs. So their reaction can be very different from what we expect. So, training and preparing the dog for the new baby’s arrival is advised.

Here is a clue on how to prepare your pet for the baby. Make sure to bring something the baby has used from the hospital before the baby arrives home. Initially, the dog might be restless and difficult to handle, but gradually, it may get used to it. Then, start with an adult holding the child. Slowly, make him used to the presence of the child. 

baby in bassinet with pig plush toy and white-and-black dog near

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As the baby grows, it is best to use a baby gate. It will act as a protective barrier, allowing the baby and the dog to interact more safely. 

Once the dog gets used to the baby and the interaction is satisfactory, they can share the same space. But still, constant supervision is needed to avoid injuries.

The parents also should know how to handle the dogs’ aggression. Some dogs become intolerant as the baby grows. The dog’s behavior should be constantly monitored and observed so that you know if the dog is alright with the baby around. Sometimes, the dog may want to protect the baby too much and become aggressive in front of visitors and parents. If you notice such behavior from the offense, do not hesitate to seek professional help. 

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It is essential to familiarise the dog with the baby even before the baby arrives. So, make the dig exposed to the baby-related scents and sounds to keep him adjusted to the new family member. Reward the dog with a treat when its behavior is satisfactory. Get the dog involved with the activities related to the baby. Get his help with the simple tasks like feeding and playing. Get the company of the dig when you take the baby out for walks. 

In conclusion, the dogs are like babies. The relationship between the baby and the dog is often gentle and protective. However, preparing your pet for the baby’s arrival is essential. When the pet is used to the new arrival, it is much easier to control the situation.

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