How to start a sheep project

How to start a sheep farming project is one of the projects that many are interested in creating to produce milk and meat for personal use, or sell them in markets, and the sheep farming project depends on the existence of an appropriate farm, and the interest in providing the following things:

The farm is where the sheep herd is , it must therefore be proportional in terms of humidity and temperature; Sheep infections, such as pneumonia, and in order to provide an appropriate agricultural building for sheep, one must take care to apply the following things:

  • the width of the ma’ad is 20 cm for lambs, and 40 cm for rams and sheep.
  • 1.2 sqm for single sheep and 1.6 sqm for lambs. Areas allocated to roads and corridors vary depending on the nature of their use; The equipment storage area is expected to make up approximately 30% of the total farm area.
  • The height of the roof of the farm must be less than 2.20 m and must not exceed 4 meters. Provide lighting for the farm, including natural light, depending on the windows that must make up 30% of the total farm area, and the industrial light that relies on bulbs distributed between 6-8 watts per square meter.
  • By respecting temperatures, sheep cannot afford to rise or fall too low, because the change in temperature affects the daily rate of increase in their weight.
  • The focus on aviation safety is to provide adequate ventilation inside the farm, but you must stay away from relying on strong drafts.

Securing agricultural equipment is an important example of equipment for sheep farming:

  • Wood: wood is suitable for weather changes because its thickness helps to be well insulated.
  • Minerals: iron and steel.
  • Providing nutrition should provide meals for sheep, which is part of the cost of production, so many farm owners prefer to rely on pastures to feed their sheep, as these lands contribute to free food, but this can increase the time allotted to fatten sheep, and reduce their milk production.

The economic feasibility of a sheep farming project includes the economic feasibility of a sheep farming project, the knowledge of the farmer for a range of things, the most important of which are:

  • The analysis of the market size of the sheep farm project: depends on the project’s ability to distribute sheep production in various areas.
  • Price analysis: Is to determine the prices of sheep on the local market based on the weight of each.
  • Production Capacity Analysis: Includes the purchase and sale prices of sheep and the proportion of sheep weight at the time of purchase and sale.

Sheep are an animal species that is similar to goats and has short tails, covered with wool forming their own hair, prefers to eat short or high and coarse legume herbs or plants, and sheep growth is over in the year of its life, and sheep tend to go into pastures in the form of herds. Known for the first time in nearly 5,000 BC, sheep have been found in a range of human sites, such as Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and people are interested in raising sheep for meat, milk and wool.

Sheep herds are based on the distribution of sheep on farms to herds, and the farm owner must choose the appropriate herd according to the objective of sheep farming, where sheep herds are divided into two types:

  • permanent flocks of sheep: Sheep used for breeding, specialized in specific production, such as dairy production , meat production or wool production, are counted on young sheep between 5 and 6 years of age.
  • Non-permanent sheep troops: Sheep are often devoted to lamb production, and these sheep are not permanent because they are sold after a certain period of time, whether short or long depending on the type of sheep.

During his stay on the farm, these herds are divided into two types:

  • the herds that walk: they stay on the farm longer than the other herds, and form both sheep and sheep. F
  • lying troops: Sheep that consist of loads to produce meat, and the owner of the farm is eager to increase his weight in order to sell them, these herds stay on the farm for a shorter period than moving herds, and it is possible to buy sheep of this type in order to sell them again in four annual cycles , depending on market demand for these herds and the efficiency of their production.

The health of sheep farmers, owner of the sheep farm, must implement a prevention program during the year to protect the herds it owns against diseases, especially diseases that lead to sheep death, and to achieve a great loss for the owner of the farm, and the implementation of this prevention program depends on cooperation with a veterinarian , which helps to provide sheep-friendly vaccines based on the dates specified in the vaccination program, and often provide vaccines for sheep diseases according to the following Supply of smallpox drugs during the period between August and September.

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