How stocks are bought and bought

Buying shares in search of information the availability of accurate and solid information about companies and organizations will facilitate the decision to buy shares from them, so we find that the availability of information that emphasizes the strength of the company’s position in the market is more important than any other factor that can contribute to the success of the stock buying process , including the time factor, knowing that there are many sources through which the required information about organizations can be obtained, and the most effective way to achieve the desired success in the stock market is For Growth and Value, the focus is on the majority of shares held over a long period of three to ten years , and maybe even more.

It is recommended to take dividends to select companies with a profit growth policy in order to achieve the required objectives of buying shares, which reuse a significant portion of these dividends again to increase the growth of individual companies, then compare earnings per share with all dividends, and then re-invest the unpaid portion of the organization’s shareholders.

The sale of shares should be chosen as the specific date for the sale of the purchased shares, as this is the first and most important step to follow after the purchase of the stock, because the refusal to make a decision to sell for any reason puts the investor in a downward position, especially in the case of long-term investment. , because of commissions and taxes that ultimately affect profits and profits.

The basis of stock trading is a business that enhances the individual’s ability to achieve physical independence, where this activity can be carried out as domestic work, knowing that this work carries many financial risks, so it is necessary to employ the mental abilities and planning skills that will achieve the desired success, and therefore the most important foundations of home trading of shares in the following Ensure that debt is paid regularly because it increases stress and stress, which negatively affects decision-making during the stock trading process.

Create a stock trading fund and open a bank account, where there must be a separate savings fund, which provides some kind of financial security that can be used by the family. Formulate a strategy for trading stocks, and it is necessary to choose the right investment strategy for equities, which in turn includes all the information that helps to make the right choice of shares, and the appropriate dates for the purchase and sale. Browse financial magazines daily, either by purchasing them or by browsing the resources available on the Internet to get the latest daily financial information on the conditions that directly affect the investment.

Create a business account and take advantage of the online discount. Determining business budgets. Orders or stock orders, before starting to work and investing in the field of buying and selling shares, must identify a series of different orders, the most important of which is:

  • Market system: where the market system indicates the orders to buy and buy immediately when the best possible prices, although this system does not concern prices in any way , but it is able to execute orders immediately, and is good for investors who want to make purchases without delay.
  • Stop the system: either, as it is called a market stop, or stop the loss on the purchase and sale, it is a matter of interest to investors.

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